Neo Will Win India, a 32 years Experienced company established in year 1985, is among the largest manufacturers of Wire Rope Slings from 4mm to 120mm dia., with mechanical splicing or hand splicing ChiefEssays.Net as per the clients’ requirements. We also deal in Plain Chains, Chain Slings and other Lifting Accessories such as Shackles, Anchors, Chain Blocks, Hooks, Plate Lifting Clamps, etc…

We have another company in the name of “INDUSTRIAL MARINE SAFETY CARE” for undertaking all kinds of load tests for Cranes, Loose Gears, Grabs, Buckets, etc., and Annual Thorough Endorsement (ATE) for Vessels. Our Test House is approved by the Director General of Factory Advice Service & Labour Institute and the Test Certificates are issued under Dock Workers (Safety Health and Welfare) Regulations.

We also undertake all kinds of service and repairs of Ships & Barges by deputing our marine engineers to our branch located inside the “Chennai Port Area”.

Our Company’s engineers also visit the clients’ locations and suggest the right Slings for their applications.

We are a group of dedicated professionals in fields of Engineering & Management, combining the expertise example essay dialogue conversation of skilled workers & experienced staff members who along with our engineers strive to bring out the best in our services.

We look forward to meeting with you and learning more about your Company in the near future.