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Lifting Equipment
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Lifting Equipment

Testing Machine

This testing establishment is permitted to carry out the testing of shore based lifting appliances up to 200 tons with dead weights, ships lifting appliances and loose gears up to a maximum safe working load (SWL) of 200 tons.

Chrimping Machine

This Chrimping Machine to Chrimp or Press the ferrule between the wire rope. It splice the sling upto 1000 Ton. Based on the size of the rope. The size of the chrimping of wire rope is from 4mm to 120mm.

Hooks, Shackles and chain blocks

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Ferrule and Wire Ropes

Rope Services Direct has significant experience in the production of wire rope assemblies, slings, splicing and more. We offer a selection of custom-made cables and wire rope products.

Testing Forklifts, Crane and Ropes

Forklifts are very useful machines and are essential equipment in every warehouse or storage facility. It is also a large investment. To protect this investment.

Turn Buckle

A turnbuckle, stretching screw or bottlescrew is a device for adjusting the best term paper writing service tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems.

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